Vive la France for Marriage Equality!

There wasn’t much for progressives to like about former French president Nicolas Sarkozy—well, except perhaps for Carla Bruni—but it seems that François Hollande is going to change all that.

A major step forward toward equality in France was taken late last week, when the new Socialist government announced it will legalize marriage and adoption for same-sex couples.

Earlier on Friday, the French Junior Minister for Families Dominique Bertinotti confirmed to French daily newspaper, Le Parisien, that the new law on gay marriage and adoption would be passed within a year.

A law that would grant full marriage status to gay couples would bring France, which currently provides only for same-sex civil unions, into line with fellow European Union countries Denmark, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden.

The French government has also said it would hold discussions this autumn on ways to make life easier for transgender individuals, who previously have faced a great deal of difficulty at the hands of the French administration regarding changes of name and sex.

As I am myself half-French, this is making me very happy indeed. Vive la France! And until then, when you get married … get married in PTown!

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